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Voidalos I (PCJ067): black hole star with 0 planets


Solar system 'Voidalos I (PCJ067)' is a black hole and the retinue of celestial objects gravitationally bound to it: asteroids, meteoroids, planetoids, comets, and interplanetary dust.

Voidalos I is located more than 1035 lightyears from the center of the galaxy.

Voidalos 1 was a black hole gone unnoticed until an Edonian science vessel performing a preliminary survey of the surrounding space, in the hopes of finding valuable resources or colonization prospects, almost jumped right on top of it. Quickly bringing news of said discovery back to Abbah NKD095 this black hole provided the missing link to perfect the Edonian use of void-gates as well as black-hole-travel drives themselves.

With the perfection of the Voidalos (black hole travel) Drive, Edonian expedition teams have traveled through Voidalos 1 and located Voidalos 2 TGB637, Voidalos 3 TFF426, Voidalos IV MKA617, and Voidalos V NFB605, where they have set up small outposts for surveying and hopefully future colonization of these new expanses of the galaxy. Further research is being done on the Voidalos systems to learn more about these black hole networks and harness their power further.



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