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Planet Inertialri in system Simkris Alpha (NKJ178)

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A planet covered in verdant jungle. Inertialri is home to a species of creatures known as the Fortana. The Fortana are a space-faring species who have recently mastered the FTL science. The Fotana still have nation states, each of which centres around domed cities (Viashri) in the jungle. The Fortana nation states have held an uneasy peace for the past 500 years. The most powerful nation state the Grantha, hold the few working FTL ships but other nations have plans to build the FTL technologies.

The Fortana are a species of bird like humanoids, partially covered in feathers and soft down, the colour of which varies from drab grey to brilliant reds and blues. Under their feathers their skin is scaly. Their eyes are generally yellow with Fortana having very powerful vision. (But very weak hearing).


There are a large number of Fortana nations with varying governmental forms, the most important are summarized below:

The Grantha Autocracy, the most powerful nation and the only with FTL capabilities. The Grantha are ruled by a Queen.


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