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Planet RMSTitanica in system Salvation (PBE153)

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Ages ago this planet was close barren, native life had developed not much beyond simple ones. Privative plants grew on land while larger seaweed type ones filled the vast ocean. Simple fish and crustaceans ruled the waters.

Then around 1000 years ago a starliner of the Blue Star lines crashed here.
The Regal Mansion Starliner Titan IC (99) while orbiting around this new world had the unfortunate timing of the radar being down as a comet grazed the planet. They had thought that going onto orbit here would be a good idea while repairs were made. A small section of this dirty snowball tore a large hole in the side of the ship causing it to loose air rapidly. Lifeboats were manned and the 3,547 crew and passengers barely made it down to the planet. The ship itself crashed off the coast of the largest landmass where the survivors landed. The comet was unknown to the crew as it was hidden from their view by the planets curve during orbital approach and their radar was down.

The surviving people set up camp in hopes rescue would come but as time passed no one came. Native plants and animals were not quite compatible with the new arrivals. Salvage of the wreck proceeded within months and vital life giving items where rescued. Plants and even pets where saved as sections of the ship still held air. It was a rough time for the new colonists as many died off from inhospitable conditions, lack of food and inadequate shelter.
Over the centuries though life took hold, plants and animals flourished and even evolved somewhat. The people themselves changed too, bodies grew smaller to use what little food they had, brains on the other hand stayed the same so their necks now blend into their heads. Legs also changes, shorter but powerful for swimming, arms elongated for reaching deep, internal organs adapted to the native foods. What once looked almost like a human now looked more like a long armed seal. Civilization has started to return, villages have sprung up and trading between them is constant. It is estimated the population now is almost 50,000 Titanians.

This planet has 7 moons:
RMSTitanica #1 (no information available yet)
RMSTitanica #2 (no information available yet)
RMSTitanica #3 (no information available yet)
RMSTitanica #4 (no information available yet)
RMSTitanica #5 (no information available yet)
RMSTitanica #6 (no information available yet)
RMSTitanica #7 (no information available yet)


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