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Planet Jikoli or Kizodar in system Ek Ouizamis or Saxazir or Gukidim (QAG685)

  Bodasi  or Zabikil   Ubitiru or Buriqat     Xhidia or Bulosam   Ueqasi or Nokolaz  
Kashubi or Komitar
  Uhiseri or Domizag   Laghasi or Padinaz   Otuysi or Radizat   Nadahsu or Malikan   Adhagi or Garizat  

Jikoli or Kizodar

Jikoli is another civilization which was conquered by the Geddi

The Jikoli were mainly agricultural and pastoral people. They had a late classical civilization when the Geddi came.

The Jikoli and their rivals, the Maghwari and Dhayaru people are impressive people: Well over six feet in height and over ninety kilograms average.They were copper skinned with straight coarse hair which the men wore in a long mane among the Jikoli. The Maghwari had shaved heads and the Dhayaru wore their hair in thick braids.

This planet has 2 moons:
Opizun Opizun, the moon of jikoliziin has a atmosphere of 50 percent oxygen and 10 percent carbon dioxide, and 40 % nitrogen. so it might hold life forms. The Geddi has established a base there.
Zajikan (no information available yet)


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