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Planet Zelchee in system Belcharae Callae (RCG059)

  Nagum   Tagloc  
  Flaurda   Talaira  
  Cheroo   Chanby   Izits  


When this system was investigated some native lifeforms were found but lacked any signs of high intelligence or civilization.

Long studies by satellite and ground rovers mapped the migrations of the native life forms so that when cities and ports construction took place it would not interrupt the local life. Now it is home to the Belchalot and and other stellar scientists. Due to the hot climate some cities have been built under the seas which offers something completely different. These cities are also used by visiting scientists of aquatic nature where there are special facilities to meet their needs.

This planet has 15 moons:
RCG059.6.1 (no information available yet)
RCG059.6.2 (no information available yet)
Lilriftis The largest moon in orbit has been terraformed and holds a thin breathable atmosphere. Used for living on and used as a space port this moon is well used.
RCG059.6.4 (no information available yet)
RCG059.6.5 (no information available yet)
RCG059.6.6 (no information available yet)
RCG059.6.7 (no information available yet)
RCG059.6.8 (no information available yet)
RCG059.6.9 (no information available yet)
RCG059.6.10 (no information available yet)
RCG059.6.11 (no information available yet)
Ingleburp Medium size moon with a thin atmosphere used for living on. The atmosphere is still too thin for air breathing life forms but some terraforming is gradually making it thicker and breathable. Most of the cities are enclosed.
RCG059.6.13 (no information available yet)
RCG059.6.14 (no information available yet)
RCG059.6.15 (no information available yet)


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asuras - december 9, 2012:
your system is very nice to read and , i like the information about it 😀
milo64 - august 9, 2012
dakotastrange - march 21, 2012:
Good imaging and writing polish off this unique showy system.

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