Hwælham Hwælham is the homeworld of the Monninga, an advanced humanoid species known in the nearby Fyrean syst...">
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Planet Hwaelham in system Scytel (WCB965)

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Hwælham is the homeworld of the Monninga, an advanced humanoid species known in the nearby Fyrean system as 'the Elders'.

Other intelligent life forms inhabiting Hwælham are the Wolf-folk and marsh dwelling creatures called Blovalops.

Early history of the Monninga on Hwælham
The first recorded history of the Monninga depicts a great 374 year battle between them and the Wolf-folk starting in the year 1,058 BG (Before the Gods), in which Oshelm the Seer predicted the coming of the Gods and the dawn of enlightenment in the year now called the first. Nothing else is known of the battle, except that the Monninga won (as predicted by Oshelm), pushing the Wolf-folk to the brink of extinction, the war ending in 684 BG.

In the year 0, (known as 'the first'), the Gods came. Five beings, whose origins were unknown, (though later Monninga science says they were alien lifeforms), descended from the skies, as predicted by Oshelm a millennium earlier. These Gods, whose names were Hammac, Skretelc, Skracgan, Forta and Hastelc, brought gifts of technology, taught their form of writing, and set laws for the Monninga to live by, which resulted in the remaining Wolf-folk being freed from captivity in the year 26. The Gods explained that it was they who gifted both the Monninga and the Wolf-folk the ability to talk, and think intelligently. They left detailed instructions on how to construct in materials other than the wood and organic material the Monninga were accustomed to, and taught sophisticated farming methods. The Wolf-folk, despite the genorosity of the Gods, rebelled, and refused to acknowledge them as Gods at all, for not preventing their almost wipeout in the Great Battle several hundred years earlier - they also didn't trust the Gods, as they looked similar to the Monninga, except were on average one to two feet taller. The Wolf-folk also already worshipped the Great Shining Wolf, Krajnuik.

Year 92 peace treaty
The Wolf-folk, upon release from captivity in the year 26, had maintained that only when the last Monninga involved in the enslavement of their kin had died, would there be proper peace between the two species. Between year 26 and year 92, the Wolf-folk lived in packs away from the Monninga, keeping minimal contact. In the summer of 92, when word reached the Wolf-folk of the death of the last slave warder, a man named Hwitscop Blæcstaf, the Wolf folk returned in peace to live alongside the Monninga.

Emergence of the Eġe
A long peace lasted on Hwælham, with all intelligent life forms developing their own types of technology alongside one another in peace. This was until the year 612, when a new terror manifested itself. Humanoid creatures, in black robes, with only their bony exoskeleton faces visible, appeared on Hwælham. They were devoid of mouths, so could not speak. They communicated by means of psychic power, placing fear into their enemies minds. Their enemies - any living creature, for these monstrosities feasted on the very souls of the living, leaving them pale, paralysed,
brain dead shadows of their former selves, nothing but living shells. They did not walk, but floated inches above the ground. Some of them capable of full flight. From where they came, it is unknown.
Some Monninga believe they came from the stars. Others say they came from the depths of Hwælham, where they had always resided underground, slowly making their way to the surface. Others still believe the creatures are a punishment from Skracgan, the vengeful God, for lack of faith. The Monninga called these beings the 'Eġe'. Thankfully, the Monninga were able to devise a weapons system that could vaporise any object it was fired at. This weapon was used successfully against the Eġe, though the visitations did not stop until year 878.

Branching out
The Monninga developed interplanetary travel from year 730 onwards, first establishing outposts on nearby rocky planets, before creating a fully fledged colony on Hastelc, the furthest planet away from the star Scytel. From this base, they branched out further to the Fyrearn system 61 light years away.

Return of the Eġe
The Eġe returned on several occasions, attacking indiscriminately. In 1574, they caused the extinction of a small creature called a Gasraak. By then, Monninga technology had reached a high point, where they were able to reanimate the dead, replace organs with brand new ones, and halt ageing. The Monninga were able to reconstruct the Gasraaks from DNA. The Eġe left in 1593, only to return in 1626. A new law had been passed in 1620 that prevented the Monninga from killing any living creature. The ruling Kings of north, middle and south Hwælham, despite the cries of the towns and cities, would not permit killing of the Eġe. Instead of the weapon that vaporised them, the Monninga and Wolf-folk were issued with pendants containing a rare mineral called 'Cemre' from deep inside the planets crust, that warded the Eġe away.
By 1700, the whole of occupied Hwælham was covered in Eġe Columns - columns consisting of a fusion of Cemre and stone, that kept the Eġe away.

Year 4229 cataclysm
In the year 4229, during the switch on of a teleportation device that would provide instant travel between Hwælham and Mōrlond in the Fyrearn system, a great disaster, whose origins are unknown occurred, wiping out the majority of technology on both planets. All contact with Mōrlond was lost, and 99.9% of the population of Hwælham perished. A pre-cataclysm population of 4,726,926,382 Monninga and Wolf-folk was reduced to just 4 million, as storms ravaged in a polar shift.

Year 5729
The remaining Monninga & Wolf-folk are building from the ashes, starting anew without much of the technology of their ancestors lost. All that is known of their heritage is what was hand copied from several digital records by a scribal initiate before the cataclysm. This is guarded in the new court of the King of Hwælham.

This planet has 4 moons:
Nott (no information available yet)
Scala (no information available yet)
Thrimbulch (no information available yet)
Urcgakel (no information available yet)


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