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Planet EcolAsh in system DwRndo (WGG085)

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EcolAsh, home world of the Djia. The Djia are beings that have the ability to form appendages, (tor) at will as needed, one hand, (itor) or twenty hands, two feet, (ator) or five depending on their need. Their core body, (ajiana) has the appearance of being made up of five globes with integument connecting them. A single Djia looks like a bunch of basketballs held together with a thin leather blanket.

Each globular region, (gotur) is capable of extruding a manipulator or locomotive appendage depending upon their need. Four globes support a fifth top globe which also houses the primary brain nexus. Each globe has it's own brain nexus and each globe has the ability to extrude sensory appendages, (torii) for light, sound, touch. The Djia can control the sensitivity of their sensory appendages seeing any spectrum of light, they can see all the available wavelengths at once or focus on only one wavelength. They have a similar ability with sound waves. They can incorporate their sensory apparatus into their manipulator and locomotion appendages which gives them the ability to have an up close and personal view of whatever object they are holding. Their skin is a dark black, very spectra absorbent and hyper resilient.

Each globular brain nexus, (iki) processes information from its environment as well as transmitting the information to the primary nexus, (KuIki) where all of the five globular brains' information is collected, analyzed and stored. If the primary nexus is damaged, the Djia can still function as one of the remaining brain nexii will then become the primary nexus.

The Djia eat by absorbing various airborne molds which are absorbed through their skin. The molds, once ingested combines with an amino acid which the Djians produce and/or acquire by ingesting soil, the Djian body utilizes the mixture of molds and soil to produce proteins, fats and vitamins etc. The Djian body produces various substances depending on the body's nourishment needs, one acid for proteins another for fats etc. The various molds are held in an inner retaining sac somewhat like a stomach where they reproduce, combine and recombine using amino acid food secreted by the Djian body. Djian body waste consists of gasses produced during the consumption of the mold spores and soil like excreta, the gas is released through cellular valves throughout out the Djian skin.

The Djia drink by absorbing moisture from the air through their skin.

They reproduce, (spur) by extending and grasping a reproduction pod with another or multiple Djia. The reproduction pods are held together for several hours until they have melded into each other. Once they've melded the new pod breaks off from the parents' bodies and is nurtured until it grows into a new Djia. The new Djia inherits DNA from all of its parents as well as their memories, each parent's reproduction pod contributes a bit of brain material from its primary nexus as part of the reproduction contribution. The Djia can clone themselves should they become severely damaged or grow too old to function effectively by extending a reproduction pod and allowing it to break off without joining with another reproduction pod.

Offspring having the benefit of parental memories are born with a tremendous head start above species that have to learn everything from scratch each generation.

The Djia have many methods of communication, the single most significant method is the direct sharing of memories and thoughts through pod to pod contact. When Djia touch communication pods they extend nerve filaments into each others' pod and attach directly to each others' brain stem wiring facilitating direct communication. Of course this is only practical for communicating with other Djia that are physically present.

The Djia can use patterns of light on their bodies that are displayed in nearly as many wavelengths as they can see. They use this method most often as it is quick, can be used to communicate with many Djia at once and over distance without requiring physical contact.

The Djia also use scent to communicate their emotions. Scent molecules being subject to air movement and recombination with other airborne molecules never became a primary method of sending complex data.

Although the Djia understand sound waves and can produce appendages to hear with, they have never developed sound as a primary means of communication.

Djian History

The earliest Djia had little physical ability to defend themselves against their world's predators, without claws and teeth they seemed destined to extinction in a predatory environment. Their only native defense was the ability to produce disagreeable scents which didn't always put off a determined and hungry predator. They developed the sharpened stick and fire and other such primitive tools to protect themselves from the savage world, this worked well but it still wasn't able to protect all Djia all of the time.

This situation was given considerable thought by the venerable Djia of the day. Eventually they arrived at a solution, one which took much time and courage to accomplish. Sadly, Djia still died while the plan was being carried out but now after many thousands of years the Djia can walk or swim safely anywhere on their world without fear of attack from their world's predators.

The Djia can manipulate their own DNA and cellular structure, (which gives them the ability to create various pods). Having that ability, they wondered if they could also manipulate the DNA and structure of the animals around them. Experimentation with non predatory animals showed this to be so but only to a limited extent. They soon took upon the task of capturing predators and inserting bits of Djian brain matter and DNA into the predator's brains. The DNA was designed to replicate itself and the brain matter in each of the predator's offspring essentially becoming a part of the predator. The brain matter contained only one instruction which depended on the nature of the predator. Some predators were instructed to fear the Djia while other predators, the type which attacked when it experienced fear were given instructions to sleep in the presence of Djia, various other instructions were given to each predator throughout their world. In time as they reproduced and were "instructed" by the Djia, the predators no longer found Djians to be suitable menu items.


By their nature, the Djia are a group minded intensely inquisitive species. Having five brains and the ability to share memories quickly weeded out anti social or psychopathic members of their society long before they reached sentience. Who would want to share memories with or mate with someone carrying memories of horrible behaviors and deeds?

Although they are group minded and often reach agreement through consensus, individuality is highly prized for the unique ideas and viewpoints that come with that trait.

Because the Djia are incapable of eating the flora and fauna around them excepting a variety of mold spores, they never developed an aggressive need to kill other creatures for survival and killing for pleasure was one of the horrible behaviors that was weeded out prior to sentience.

Ancient memories teach every Djia how to deal with strong emotions allowing them to feel without having to react in a socially unacceptable manner.

Each Djia strives to provide some fundamental or profound benefit to the entire species as each Djia knows that its life will forever be remembered by successive generations.

Crime as such is virtually nonexistent in the species as any misbehavior will quickly be discovered either through memory sharing or mating. Some Djia have attempted to compartmentalize memories but when they do, others can sense a wrongness in that Djia's thoughts. Societal condemnation is a serious inhibitor of aberrant behavior.

This planet has 1 moons:
EcolaKu (no information available yet)


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