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Ship types for reference

April 17, 2016
by rodenbough

As in the real world, there are various types of naval and merchant ships in the civilizations in the galaxy that I deal with.

We have freighters, tankers and packets. A packet is a passenger ship, just an old fashioned name for a liner. Tankers haul liquids and gasses either in interplanetary or interstellar traffic. Freighters haul cargo.

Military ships include tankerstankers, freighters and packets,(called transports by the military) tenders and other auxiliary vessels.

You will encounter in my writings various classes of warships. The designations are to help the reader to understand what is going on.

The capital ships are Base Ships, Dreadnoughts and Battlecruisers. Base Ships are armed mainly with strike and fighter aircraft which can operate in space or as conventional aircraft in the atmosphere. Dreadnoughts are armed with the most powerful battery weapons and has the greatest shielding available. Battlecruisers have Dreadnought firepower but has less protection than a Dreadnought. The are, on the other hand, faster than a Dreadnought. They are designed to run down enemy cruisers and destroy them and are ideal in commerce raiders. As capital ships, they have true hyperdrive capabilities enabling to go star to star without using a star gate.

Cruisers come in heavy and light. The difference being in the realm of firepower and protection. Unlike capital ships, cruisers are Stargate dependant in interstellar travel. An important province will harbor a cruiser squadron and less important province's will have a flotilla of frigates and sloops with a light cruiser as a flagship.

Lighter warships are frigates, a large escort vessel and sloops which are smaller escorts. Their task is to protect shipping in the system and escort heavier warships. Corvettes are more lightly armed with FLAK batteries to protect against aerial bombardment of of the fleet or convoy. The smallest escortpatrol vessels are cutters whic watch for clandestine activities such as smuggling, illegal migration and unauthorized slaving.(some civilizations permit slavery while others do not)

Siege vessels are Monitors and Ketches, light or medium vessels armed with heavier artillery than their hull types call for for the purpose of bombarding enemy emplacements and fortifications. These ships can smash an asteroid, a moon or even a planet. The difference between a ketch and a monitor is that a ketch is a frigate armed with a single battery of heavy cruiser armaments and a monitor is a heavy cruiser armed with a single battery of Dreadnought armaments.

Barges and pinnaces are unarmed landing craft. A barge is large a pinnace is smaller.



Specialized ships s



mercantile. Nomenclature.

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